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Performance Art is live. It has no rules or guidelines. It is art because the artist says it is art. It is experimental. Performance Art may be comprised of painting or sculpture (or both), dialogue, poetry, music, dance, opera, film footage, turned on television sets, laser lights, live animals and fire. Or all of the above. There are as many variables as there are artists. (Doug "Eagle" Veit on drums, "Soupbone" Phill Stevens on bass, Ken Ostrander on guitar, T. Byron Kelly on vocals, J.C. Hamilton on fiddle)

Spectral Arts - Local Zone Show WUVT
11/19/14 part 2


Download Spectral Arts WUVT MP3 (39 MB)

Soupbone - Local Zone Show WUVT 11/19/14 part 1 (25:32)
Listen to Part 1 of the WUVT show with Soupbone

Spectral Arts wuvt

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