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Tundra 212

download the Giant Thumb Painter 1993 EP

This east coast band from Blacksburg, VA toured and recorded throughout the 1990's. Below are 4 original songs by Phill Stevens (Soupbone) on voacls/guitars/percussion with Chris Waltz on bass and Brian Knight on drums from Giant Thumb Painter. Special thanks to past band members: (Roy) Scott Gilbert, keyboards; (Karen) Conwell Smith, vocals; Lace Dapidilla, vocals; Mark Ruppert, keyboards; and J Herskowitz, manager.

1. Rot (4:00)

download MP3 5.7 MB

2. Lunchbox (3:31)

download MP3 5 MB

3. Psycho Clown (6:20)

download MP3 8.9 MB

4. Clover (5:04)

download MP3 7.1 MB

5. 72 Guitars (1:39) Bonus Track

download MP3 2.8 MB

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